Group tuition provides students the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.
– Practice of test papers and exam papers from top-rated schools
– Lessons are conducted small groups
– 1.5 hour for per session

a. More Interactive and Fun – Learning in a group allows close interaction between the students and makes learning more fun.
b. More Affordable – It is usually more affordable compared to private 1-to-1 home tuition.
c. Reinforced Understanding – Concepts can be reinforced and clarified when students work together and solve problems with the tutor in close attendance. The sharing and application of knowledge in a group will further strengthen their understanding of the subject matter.
d. Better Motivation – Friendly competition among the students motivates them to work harder and improve themselves.
e. Shared Experiences – Having a mix of students from different schools offer opportunities for sharing of different learning experiences and perspectives.
f. Exposure to More Challenging Questions – Exposure to a variety of questions raised by students from different schools helps reinforced understanding of the subjects.
g. Easier Scheduling – A tutor in tuition centre who teaches full-time has more flexibility in scheduling classes compared to a private home tutor who is either a student or a full-time employee who teaches part-time.