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Why is Childhood Important? | Sparklekidz

children primary school student care after school sparklekidz

Discover the significance of childhood in shaping a person’s future. Uncover key developmental stages and the role of nurturing experiences for lasting impact.


Childhood matters because it’s when we learn the most, form our personality, and develop a lot of skills that are important for future success. Here are 6 more reasons why. How can you help your child build self-confidence in school?


1. It’s when we learn the most

A study by the National Institutes of Health found that we learn more in our first five years than at any other time in our lives. During this time, our brains are growing and making connections at a rapid pace. This is why it’s so important for young children to have stimulating experiences that will help them learn and grow.


2. It’s when we form our personality

Childhood is also when we start to form our personality. Our experiences during this time shape how we see the world and how we interact with others. For example, if we’re constantly praised for being good at something, we may develop a strong sense of self-confidence. On the other hand, if we’re constantly criticized, we may develop a negative view of ourselves.


3. It’s when we develop our values

During childhood, we also start to develop our values. These are the beliefs that guide our actions and decision-making. For example, if we value honesty, we’ll be more likely to tell the truth even when it’s difficult. Or if we value compassion, we’ll be more likely to help others in need.


4. It’s when we make lifelong friends

Many of us make our best friends during childhood. These are the people who know us better than anyone else and who will always have a special place in our hearts. Even if we don’t stay in touch with these friends as we get older, they can still have a positive influence on our lives.


5. It’s when we have the most fun

Childhood is also a time when we have the most fun. We don’t have to worry about things like bills or work deadlines; instead, we can spend our days playing games, exploring new places, and just being kids. This is why childhood is often referred to as the “golden years.”


6. It helps us understand adulthood

Childhood is also important because it helps us understand adulthood. As adults, we often look back on our childhoods with nostalgia; but childhood can also teach us valuable lessons about life that we can carry with us into adulthood. For example, through trial and error, we learn how to handle failure and how to persevere through tough times.


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