things to do in singapore wild wild wet
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Where to bring your children this school holidays | Sparklekidz


things to do in singapore wild wild wet

Explore where to bring your children this school holiday. Let’s explore visiting museums, craft stores and art galleries, going on a nature walk or hike, discover creative activities that are perfect for you and your family school holidays.


Visit Musuems and Art Gallery

Visiting a museum, craft store or art gallery is a great way to introduce your kids to culture and the creativity of others. Depending on where you live, they may even be able to join in with some interactive activities. For a museum, craft store or art gallery visit, be sure to bring your camera and maybe a sketchbook if you want to make some sketches.


Adventure Hike or Walk

Take a walk or hike with your kids in a nearby park or nature reserve. This gives them an opportunity to explore the outdoors and observe animals and plants in their natural habitat. For a hike in the park, make sure you bring along enough water, snacks and sunscreen for everyone in the group. Wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking on uneven terrain. When visiting an animal rescue centre or sanctuary, it’s best to leave your pets at home and be prepared to follow any instructions from the staff.


Beach Fun Activities

The beach is always a good idea when it’s warm out! You can play in the sand, have a picnic, go swimming and more. Just make sure that everyone is appropriately dressed for sun safety! When planning a beach day, remember to pack swimwear, hats, plenty of sunscreen and snacks. Check tide times before you go so that you time your trip accordingly.


Rock Climbing Activities

Whether it’s rock-climbing or roller skating, trying something new during the school holidays can be both fun and educational. Check with your local community centre if they offer classes or activities like this. If you’re going rock climbing or roller skating for the first time, make sure everyone has appropriate safety gear such as helmets, knee pads etc.


Waterparks and Swimming pools

Water parks and swimming pools are always a hit with children of all ages. You don’t forget the sunscreen! For water parks and swimming pools, don’t forget to bring towels and a change of clothes! Also remember to apply sunblock regularly throughout the day.


Visting the National Library

Libraries often have drop-in arts and crafts classes during school holidays that are perfect for getting creative with your little ones. Arts and crafts classes can vary in terms of what supplies are needed – check with your library beforehand so that you know exactly what materials to bring.


Attend Live Events and Performance

Your city might also host family friendly events such as outdoor movies, live performances or market days. You may ask at your local community centre for more information about what’s happening near you! Family friendly events may also require certain items depending on the activity – check ahead of time so that you’re well prepared! It’s always good to have some water bottles and snacks available no matter what type of event you go to.

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