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Do you want to raise a child who is self-confident and independent?

As a parent, you want your child to grow up feeling confident and independent in themselves. It’s natural for every parent to hope that their child is able to become self-sufficient and independent as they age. After all, these qualities are essential life skills. So how can we raise our kids so that they have a healthy sense of self-confidence and autonomy? In this blog post, I’ll be exploring the self-confident and independent strategies to help foster these important qualities in children!


Do encourage your child to think freely and to be self-confident.

To promote independent thinking, it’s important to help your child learn how they can make decisions on their own. The first is when students who have developed good study habits can be counted upon to follow instructions, complete their assignments or read up on a certain topic with minimal supervision. They may need you as an ally in this process so that no matter what the outcome of a situation is – whether good or bad- there will be some way for them succeed! The more we empower our children with selfless habits now.

Do encourage your child to speak up, andΒ independently.

Your child needs to be confident in order for them speak up. You can help by encouraging and training your little one how best not only confide but also express themselves fluently! At #sparklekidz we have Toast Masters Junior Programme.

Expose your child to different experiences and be independent.

The best way to expose your child is by exposing them in different situations. This will allow for a more diverse experience and create lifelong learners who are open-minded about other cultures, races, religions etc. We would recommend letting my little one meet new friends at #studentcare or school; this can lead onto even greater things later on!

Allow your child the time and space to develop their leadership skills.

When children are given the opportunity to take on a leadership role, they often excel.
A study was done with teens who had been assigned as leaders or monitors during an experiment setting up shop near some other peers and adults working together for half an hour each day over four consecutive weeks – including one week where all were told exactly what would happen but none of them could intervene should things start going wrong (to teach empathy). The results showed that those put in charge earlier got more competitive hardiness training than laterals did.


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