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Unlocking of Singapore Primary School Math

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Singapore Math is a unique and popular teaching method that helps students learn problem-solving skills.

Singapore has one of the best educational systems in the world, with a particular emphasis on mathematics. Singapore Math is renowned for its creative problem-solving approach and emphasis on understanding rather than memorization. It is designed to teach students to think logically and apply key concepts to solve problems. Let’s explore how Singapore Math works and why parents may want to consider teaching their children this exciting style of math.

The Problem Solving Approach

At the core of Singapore Math is the problem-solving approach. Rather than rote learning through memorization, students are taught to look for patterns, draw diagrams, and use logical reasoning when solving mathematical problems. This encourages them to take ownership over their learning as they are expected to develop strategies that work for them.


The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Approach

A common feature of Singapore Math is the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach. This method builds on a student’s existing understanding by using concrete objects or pictorial models before moving onto abstract algebraic equations and formulas. This way, students can better understand the underlying mathematics behind each concept while also developing critical thinking skills.


The Bar Model Method

Singapore maths also makes use of the bar model method which uses a visual representation known as “bars” or rectangular boxes to represent parts of a problem. Once students have identified what each bar represents, they can then begin breaking down complex problems into smaller pieces which makes it easier for them to understand and solve them. The bar model method is especially effective in helping students understand word problems since it allows them to visualize abstract situations in concrete terms.

Blog Conclusion

Ultimately, teaching your child Singapore primary school Math provides an invaluable opportunity for them to develop essential logic and problem-solving skills that will help them succeed no matter what path in life they choose. With its focus on understanding rather than memorizing facts, Singapore Math can help children become truly confident in their math abilities — something that will serve them well throughout their lives.

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