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centre vs center student care cdac

Are you confused about when to use centre or center? Find out the difference in usage, spelling, and pronunciation of these words. Use this guide to get it right!


You may be confused about what to use when spelling the word “center” or “centre”? It’s a common question, and the answer may surprise you. Although they are pronounced the same way and have similar meanings, there is a distinct difference between centre and center. Let’s take a closer look.

The Difference in Spelling

The difference between centre and center lies in their usage. The word centre is used mainly in British English, while center is used more often in American English. In addition to the spelling difference, there are some slight differences in pronunciation. In British English, centre is typically pronounced as “sent-er” whereas center is usually pronounced as “sen-ter” in American English. It’s depending on where you live, you might find people who use both spellings and pronunciations interchangeably.

In some cases, there might be another variation of the word—centre vs centor—but this variation has become largely obsolete over the years. The word centor was once the preferred spelling for many words that ended with -er/-or like centre/center but this spelling is no longer commonly used. As such, most people will just use either center or centre when writing these words out.

The Difference in Meaning

When it comes to meaning, centre and center actually mean the same thing: an area around which something else revolves or an area that serves as a focus point of interest or activity. Despite having identical meanings, they can be used differently depending on context. If you are talking about a shopping mall or department store then you would typically use the term “center” instead of “centre.” On the other hand, when referring about a school playground then it would be more appropriate to use “centre” instead of “center.”



Centre and center are two spellings that sound exactly alike but have slightly different meanings depending on context and usage. While centre is mainly used in British English, center tends to be used in American English due to its simpler spelling and pronunciation rules. That being said, both spellings can still be found throughout various cultures worldwide. It’s important to understand how each one works before using them correctly in your writing or speaking!  No matter how you choose to spell these words out – whether it’s with an “e” at the end or without – both versions carry essentially identical meaning so don’t let yourself get too hung up on which one to use!

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