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Master various subjects with tailored tips. Some expert advice and learning techniques to enhance understanding and achieve academic success.


Educators suggest that children spend some time during the June holidays. It can be reading a variety of text types, from storybooks to newspapers to even comics. This will help them to improve their writing style while picking up new words and phrases.  Which are useful in composition and comprehension. When children enjoy what they are reading, their language proficiency naturally improves. It is also a relaxing way to expose the child’s brain to different styles of writing and the various forms of sentence construction.


Aspire Hub’s Mr Seah says pupils should reduce an over-reliance on calculators by mastering mental sums. This will help them to increase the accuracy of calculation. It can also achieve a higher score in Paper 1, where a calculator cannot be used.

When solving word problems, he encourages pupils to unpack the question by highlighting key information before choosing a method to solve the question. The key to success is to practise, it is not about doing lots of past year papers.  A shortcut is to look at past worksheets.



Using the correct scientific keywords or phrases when crafting the answer to open-ended questions is necessary to be awarded the full marks. But MindChamps’ Mr Lim adds that the child will need to fully understand the concepts behind the topics the students is studying to determine how best to apply it.

One way to do so would be through drawing connections among the different topics as well as trying out different questions. “Once a child can understand and master a concept, the application should come more easily,” he says.

Mr Ling suggests the child does targeted practice by going through past exam papers and picking out the mistakes made. To ensure the student can recall and revise common mistakes, the student should compile a list of his mistakes and challenging questions. The child can also write down common science answering techniques when answers are given by a teacher for easy revision before the exam.


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