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Screen Time: How it Helps Children Learn | Sparklekidz


When balanced with other activities, screen time can be good for your child’s learning and development. This can happen when your child:

  • uses age-appropriate, good-quality digital media
  • has a purpose in mind when using screens
  • gets new ideas for traditional play from screen use
  • produces content rather than just consuming it

Using screen time to develop new skills

Screen time can help your child develop:

  • digital skills – for example, by learning video-editing skills through doing a video about a school excursion
  • creative skills – for example, by drawing, or creating content like video clips, animations or comics
  • problem-solving skills – for example, by working out the most appropriate clothes for online characters to wear in rainy weather, or looking at the possible results of virtual science experiments
  • communication skills – for example, by learning another language or chatting to friends or relatives on a video call
  • social skills – for example, by playing games that involve turn-taking, or playing as part of a team.


To help children make the most of digital technology, we need to go beyond the idea of ‘screen time’. Instead, it’s good to think about how to help children use technology to learn, create and play.

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