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Singapore students receive their O Level results and are faced with a variety of educational pathways to choose from. Singapore’s education system is one of the best in the world, and offers a variety of pathways for students after they receive their O Levels results.┬áHere’s a breakdown of the three most common paths.

After receiving O Level results in Singapore, students have a variety of educational pathways to choose from. These options include:


Junior College (JC)

A two-year program leading to the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Level examination, which is a requirement for entry into most local universities.



A three-year diploma program at one of the five polytechnics in Singapore. Graduates can enter the workforce or continue their studies at a local or overseas university through the Polytechnic-Foreign Special Recognition (PFSR) scheme.


Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

A two-year program leading to the Nitec or Higher Nitec certificate. Graduates can enter the workforce or continue their studies at the ITE through the ITE-Polytechnic-Foreign Special Recognition (ITE-PFSR) scheme.



Students can also choose to enter the workforce after receiving their O Level results. Vocational training or apprenticeships are available to gain the necessary skills for certain industries. They can either work part time or full time on jobs.


Private Education

Students can also attend private education institutions such as private JC or private diploma-granting institutions. They are private institution will teach you entire year syllabus. You may attend school as private candidate to go back to school.

It is essential for students to consider their interests, strengths, and career aspirations before deciding on a pathway. They can get guidance from their school counselors or career advisors to determine the best fit for them.


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