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Social Media Usage and Its Impact on Children: Singapore Perspective


Explore the latest research on how excessive social media use in children.  The effect brain development and behavior in Singapore. Learn how to set boundaries and promote healthy online habits for your child’s well-being.


There is a growing body of research that suggests that excessive use of social media by children and adolescents. Use of social media can have negative effects on brain development. One study found that heavy social media use in teenagers is associated with a thinner cortex. It is associated with the part of the brain responsible for decision-making and self-control. There is another study found that excessive social media use in adolescents. It may linked to an increased risk of depression and anxiety.


The overuse of social media can also lead to addiction. These are symptoms, such as withdrawal, cravings, and tolerance. Overuse of social media can lead to problems with impulse control and decision-making. It can affect children’s ability to function in everyday life. Additionally, children who spend too much time on social media may miss out on important opportunities. Some of examples are social interaction and face-to-face communication which are crucial for the development of social skills and empathy.


It is important to note that this area of research is still relatively new and ongoing. There are more studies are required to have a deeper understanding of the impact of social media on brain development. It is recommended for parents to monitor and set boundaries. Try to work on the amount of time their children spend on social media to ensure healthy development.


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