reading children nonfiction

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reading children nonfiction

Learn how to make nonfiction reading engaging, relevant and enjoyable for your children with these simple tips. Discover age-appropriate books, foster connections between the topics in the books and their daily lives, and encourage curiosity through open-ended questions.


Choose age-appropriate and engaging topics. Find nonfiction books that focus on subjects that interest your child, like animals, space, history, or sports. Ensure that the books are suitable for their reading level, so they don’t get discouraged.


Make connections to real life. Help children understand how the information in nonfiction books relates to their daily lives. Draw connections between the topics they’re reading about and their own experiences, which will make the material more relevant and interesting.


Encourage curiosity. Foster a sense of curiosity and inquiry by asking open-ended questions about the topics they’re reading. Encourage them to think critically and explore new ideas, as this will make the reading experience more enjoyable and meaningful.

Use multimedia resources. Introduce children to documentaries, educational videos, and podcasts that complement the nonfiction books they’re reading. These multimedia resources can help bring the content to life and provide an engaging, alternative way to learn about the subject matter.

Set goals and track progress. Create a reading challenge or set specific goals for your child, such as reading a certain number of nonfiction books within a time frame. Track their progress together and celebrate achievements, which will motivate them to continue exploring nonfiction texts.


Read together. Set aside time to read nonfiction books together as a family. This shared experience can spark interesting discussions and create a supportive environment that encourages children to delve deeper into the world of nonfiction.


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