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Protect your child from cyberbullying. Discover effective ways to prevent and respond to online harassment. Empower your child today.


Practical tips to help children and teenagers stay safe online

  • Accept only people they know as online friends and followers. If your child adds someone they don’t really know as a ‘friend’ or ‘follower’, it gives that person access to information about your child that could be used for bullying.
  • Don’t give out passwords. Some children and teenagers give their passwords to friends as a sign of trust, but a password gives other people the power to pose as your child online.
  • Check or update privacy settings so that strangers can’t view your child’s photos or personal information. Your child can also check that their posts and photos can’t be shared by other people.
  • Think before you post. If your child posts personal comments, photos or videos, they might get unwanted attention or negative comments. People can screenshot or download the comments and photos and share and post them anywhere. They can also be available online for a long time.
  • Tell you, a teacher or another trusted adult if they’re worried about anything that’s happening online. This includes seeing someone else being cyberbullied.


How to talk about it with children and teenagers

  • What cyberbullying looks like – for example, ‘Cyberbullying is sending mean text messages, spreading rumours on social media, ganging up on or deliberately excluding someone in an online game, or sharing an embarrassing photo with other people’.
  • How it might feel to be cyberbullied – for example, ‘Being cyberbullied can make you feel very upset and lonely. It can make you not want to join in activities where the person doing the bullying might be’.
  • What happens when people experience cyberbullying – for example, ‘People who get cyberbullied can stop doing well at school’.


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