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Discover the top educational apps for older kids, tailored to enhance learning, creativity, and skill development. Dive into a world of interactive learning with apps that make education engaging and fun!


Age appropriate: 8 and up
Why my kids like it:
 Tinkercad offers kids a way into the editing world of 3D design, electronics, and coding.
Why this parent likes it: Tinkercad is a kid-friendly online computer-aided design (CAD) app that gets kids interested in CAD and engineering. Kids learn how to design, modify, and print 3D objects. 


Math Slide

Age appropriate: 6-12
Why my kids like it: This app makes Maths fun for kids and there are lots of. different games for them to choose.
Why this parent likes it:
 Math Slide is a fave – it offers four different apps that focus on place value and basic math concepts with different games that focus on a specific skill. – Su
Cost: Free!


Typing Club

Age appropriate: 7 and up
Why my kids like it: This website teaches kids how to type using all fingers but also how to type faster. It is a gradual approach and has games in between levels to make it more fun.
Why this parent likes it: Free, easy to follow and teaches kids a skill they’ll all need. – Emilie
Cost: Free!


Classic games turned into Apps like Chess & Scrabble

Age appropriate7 +
Why my kids like it: These are great travel games for the whole family. We play the board games at home so the versions on the Apps just make it easy and portable. The App versions have options to play with another family member or solo versing the App.
Why this parent likes it: These are games I used to play with my brother or sister growing up. Just good old fashioned games that mum and dad can play too. – Andrea
Cost: Free!



Age appropriate9+
Why my kids like it: My son in particular loves this and tends to only play it when he goes on holiday as it can get quite addictive. He loves building his worlds using building blocks and resources. He is forever building houses and terrains for the family to live in. We each have our own room and pet!
Why this parent likes it: It doesn’t come with instructions, kids need to just figure out what to do by themselves. It encourages creativity in building, exploring and problem-solving. Much better than those mindless shooting and racing apps that are out there for this age. I would recommend being careful allowing kids to use a public server (as other players can create something potentially offensive that younger kids might come across online), but the game can be played solo too. – Andrea
Cost: Various options from $10.49


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