Discover Aljunied, Singapore: A Historical and Lively Neighborhood

Aljunied MRT Station EW9 Gelyang East

Aljunied, located in the central part of Singapore, is a region with a rich history and a vibrant present. Originally an agricultural area, it has transformed into a bustling neighborhood filled with residential HDB flats, shops, schools, and various amenities.

Aljunied’s Culinary and Leisure Highlights

Today, Aljunied is celebrated for its diverse culinary scene. Its with long-standing establishments offering a variety of dining experiences. Leisure Park Kallang, for example, is a popular spot for family entertainment. It offers activities such as bowling, ice skating, and movie watching. The 8th Floor Ceramic Studio offers pottery classes for those looking to engage in a relaxing and creative hobby.

Shop for a Cause and Cultural Discoveries

For those interested in shopping with a cause, the SSVP Shop provides an opportunity. It is to support charitable causes while finding preloved items. Cultural enthusiasts can explore the architectural marvel of the Foo Hai Ch’an Monastery or the historical significance of the former Queen’s Theatre.

Aljunied MRT station EW9 – Geylang’s Rich Heritage

Transportation in Aljunied MRT Station, an above-ground station along the East West Line. This train station is named after Syed Omar Aljunied who is a Arab merchant who contributed significantly to Singapore’s early development. It serves as a key access point for residents and visitors to the Geylang area, connecting them to various parts of Singapore.

Geylang East Library: Fostering Literacy and Community

Additionally, the Geylang East Public Library serves as a crucial community hub. It is offering a wealth of knowledge and resources to residents. Libraries play an essential role in promoting literacy, lifelong learning, and providing a space for community engagement. The presence of such institutions in Aljunied underscores the neighborhood’s commitment to education and community development.

Together, Geylang Methodist Primary School and the Geylang East Public Library enrich the Aljunied area. They are making it not only a place of historical significance and culinary delights. It is also a center for learning and community engagement.

Whether you’re exploring its rich history, Aljunied offers a unique blend of Singapore’s past and present.


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