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    The Weather in Singapore – A Year-Round Guide | Sparklekidz

    Get to know the weather in Singapore and discover why it’s one of the best places to visit throughout the year! Learn how to plan your activities based on seasonal climate, so you can make the most out of your trip.   Singapore is a unique country with a unique climate. Even though it is situated near the equator and experiences intense heat, there are also rainy periods throughout the year. Knowing what to expect from the weather can help you plan your trips and activities in Singapore so that you can make the most of your time here. Let’s delve into the facts about Singapore’s weather. Singapore’s weather is…

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    8 Must-Visit Instagrammable Spots in Singapore for Teens | Sparklekidz

      Are you a teen looking for the perfect spot to take your next Instagram selfie? Look no further! Singapore is full of amazing places that are sure to make your followers jealous. From iconic attractions to hidden gems, there’s a spot in Singapore for every teen to capture the perfect shot. Here are the top 10 instagrammable spots in Singapore every teen must visit.   (1) Gardens by The Bay A trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without visiting this iconic attraction. With its lush greenery and stunning views of the Marina Bay skyline, Gardens by The Bay is a great place to snap some photos with friends and…

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