About Us

Online Learning

With our very own online platform, LearnEra, we believe in making learning fun so that your child will feel motivated to learn on their own. We are harnessing the power of technology to transform boring and repetitive revisions into fun and manageable bite-sized learning activities.

Imagine the possibilities that come with an online learning system. You can learn at your own pace and on any device, including mobile phones! Not only does this make it easier to access information but also allows for more flexible class times as well because students don’t need permission from their teacher in order take advantage these features.

Science Experiment

Sparklekidz provides your child with an enjoyable holiday program platform to learn and appreciate the World of Science. It helps your child learn about different science concepts through interesting Science experiments.

The science project was a huge success! The children were so excited to share their findings with the rest of class, and they even gave me some samples from my own experiment. They said that it made them feel grown-up because there’s no way anyone else could have done what you did in such short order – especially considering how much more difficult these types of projects usually turn out than anything we do at home or school.

Presentation Skill

Sparklekidz Public Speaking lesson is specifically designed to help your child improve understanding in the confidence in  presentation skills and achieve mastery in public speaking.

One of the most important skills for any person to have is public speaking. Not only does it help with your career, but you’ll also find that people are more likely get up and walk away if they don’t like what’s being said or shown during an oral presentation rather than just sitting there motionlessly listening until its over.

This doesn’t mean we need go into panic mode though because every time someone asks us something in conversation afterward then this means our turn will come up again so make sure everything goes smoothly! The beginning always has some degree risk involved especially when starting off slowly at first – remember these three tips:

1) Start slow 2 ) Honestly 3) Answerable

Robotics Coding

Sparklekidz Robotics Coding lesson is designed to deliver education as “fun.” The lesson here is to prepare them today with the skills they’ll need for the world of tomorrow.

The most important thing to know about robotics coding is that it’s all done with software. There are many different types of programs available, but they will be tailored for specific tasks like movement instructions or interface designs so you can control your robot from anywhere in the world using just one click!

Learning Journey

The learning journey is a series of steps that children take from beginner to expert in various subject areas. The process helps them gain knowledge and understanding, including how it applies using real world applications for their lives now or later on down the road!

We believe learning journey is for everyone regardless of ages. When students go beyond the classroom it brings education to life, unlocks new potential, and creates possibilities!

Character Building

Through our Student Care Curriculum and Character First Education Program to make better leader with strong character. We harness the power of our children’s creativity and develop their character to make the world a better place.

Character Building is an essential part of life. The more you build your character, the better equipped they will be to face challenges in their future endeavors and relationships with others.

What do I mean by “building” a character? It’s not just about playing games or having fun; it has its roots deep within philosophy–a concept that can often times seem complex but actually follows very simple principles when taken lightly enough for beginners’ minds…

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