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Get tips on planning a revision timetable for your child and setting specific goals to help them succeed. With the right guidance, you can achieve PSLE excellence!


Plan a Revision Timetable For Your Child

Create an action plan for your child’s revisions. The easiest way to stay on top of school work is by setting up a regular time slot. It can be done with some dedicated evening or weekend hours.  You can use as an opportunity during this period not only teach but also review any lessons from previous weeks’ classes. They are fresh in memory when it comes down finally do some real studying!


Discuss Your Child’s Priorities And Set Specific Goals

We all know that children are not always patient and kind. They can be selfish, impulsive or have short attention spans which makes it hard for them in some cases to learn about responsibility early on- but this doesn’t mean there isn’t hope! By understanding your child’s personality traits you will better understand how they operate (and what motivates him/her). The key here is setting goals – children need concrete instructions upon reaching specific milestones so to give feedback accordingly; even if these tips dont work initially try another one until something does happen.


Identify Areas Of Strength And Weakness For Each Subject

Identify the core concepts and skills that are most important for each subject. A good way to start this process is by identifying your strengths in each area, as well weaknesses if there may be any at all? If you’re not too sure about where else students might struggle then try taking a look back on past exams or projects done within tuition offered here!


Be a supportive, understanding parent.

What does that mean? It’s important for parents to be open and honest with their children. They can learnt about how they feel in order maintain an atmosphere. It’s where all can contribute ideas without feeling like anyone is being mistreated or ignored. It is because every child needs encouragement from their family members.

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