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Discover the history of one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls, Vivocity. Find out how this hotspot went from a military base to a sprawling commercial center with interesting facts and figures!

It is Singapore’s largest shopping mall, and one of the biggest in all of Southeast Asia. Despite its size and reputation, there are still some interesting facts about Vivocity that not many people know. From its unique architecture to its surprising origins, here are 8 interesting facts about Vivocity you probably didn’t know.


It was built on an artificial island

The land that now houses Vivocity was actually built by reclaiming a large area of sea off Sentosa Island. This artificial island is known as Harbourfront Centre. The site is home to other attractions such as the Universal Studios theme park, Resorts World Sentosa casino and the S.E.A Aquarium.


It was originally designed for military use

When plans were first being made for the development of Harbour front Centre in the late 1990s. It was intended to be used as a naval base for the Republic of Singapore Navy’s fleet of submarines! After this plan was abandoned in 2000, construction began on what would become Vivocity in 2003.


It has an iconic roof design

One of the most recognizable features of Vivocity is its wave-like roof. The roof design composed of curved glass panels. It gives it a unique look from afar. This design was inspired by traditional Malay fishing boats called sampans. It serves to reflect both natural light into the building. It also provides protection from rainfall during monsoon seasons in Singapore.


Its name means ‘Live City’

The name “Vivocity” comes from a combination of two words. It’s from  – “vivo” which means “life” or “alive” in Latin and “city”. The meaning implying that it is an exciting place for people to come together and enjoy life together. This clever name choice perfectly encapsulates what Vivocity stands for – a vibrant community hub where people can come together to shop, eat, play, relax and more!

It has multiple movie theaters

For those who are looking for a fun night out at the movies, Vivocity has you covered with five different cinemas. They are all located within its premises – Cathay Cineplexes VivoCity (which has 3 locations), Filmgarde VivoCity (with 1 location) and Golden Village Vivo City (with 1 location). With so many options available, there’s sure to be something playing that will suit everyone’s tastes!


There’s an outdoor amphitheater

Located at level three on top of the carpark entrance is a small amphitheater. The seating gallery area which hosts various live events throughout the year. The place can be use for concerts and markets, making it a great spot for families or friends looking for something fun to do outdoors without having to leave the mall!


There’s a skybridge connecting two malls

One unique feature about Vivocity is its skybridge. The bridge connects it directly with Harbour Front Centre Mall. It will be located across from it on another artificial island. The bridge making it easy to get from one mall to another without needing to cross busy roads!


Home to one of Asia’s biggest playgrounds

Kids have plenty of activities available at their disposal when they visit Vivocity. It including one of Asia’s largest indoor playgrounds! Located at level three near restaurant row , Kidz Amaze offers kids over 7500 square meters of space.


Final Conclusion

There’s no doubt that Vivocity is an impressive feat in shopping mall architecture and design. These 8 facts show us just how extraordinary this establishment really is! From its origins as part of naval base plans to its iconic roof design inspired by traditional Malay fishing boats. Started from multiple movie theater options across 3 levels up till one-of-a-kind outdoor amphitheaters. There truly isn’t anything else like this megamall anywhere else in Singapore . So next time you’re looking for somewhere new & exciting to explore. Do make sure you check out everything that Vivocity has offer !


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