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Find out how you can set clear boundaries and rules around phone use for children under 12 years old, including ways to monitor and limit screen time.

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Most primary school children in Singapore are using mobile phones before they reach the age of 12. Here are 8 effective ways to limit their phone usage.


  1. Set clear boundaries and rules: Establish clear boundaries and rules around the use of mobile phones for children under 12 years old, such as designated times for phone use and rules for appropriate use of the phone.
  2. Use parental controls: Use parental controls to limit access to certain apps, websites, and features on the phone.
  3. Monitor phone use: Regularly monitor your child’s phone use to ensure they are following the rules and using the phone appropriately.
  4. Limit screen time: Set limits on the amount of time children under 12 years old can spend on their phone each day.
  5. Encourage other activities: Encourage children to engage in other activities, such as sports, reading, or playing outside, to reduce the amount of time they spend on their phone.
  6. Educate children on the risks: Educate children on the risks associated with excessive phone use, such as social isolation, lack of sleep, and exposure to inappropriate content.
  7. Use phone-free zones: Designate certain areas of the home, such as the dinner table or bedroom, as phone-free zones.
  8. Lead by example: Children learn by example, so be a good role model by limiting your own phone use and being mindful of the time you spend on your phone.


It’s important to remember that these methods should be implemented in a way that’s age-appropriate, and with a balance in mind, as mobile phone use has become an integral part of our lives. It’s also important to have open and ongoing communication with children to understand their perspective and needs.

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